• Added Throwing to the game! Hold down the interact button to aim, and release to throw! You can throw between players, or onto surfaces.
  • Your kegs and potion makers now remember what was in them at the end of the day, and will carry over. Slack off and let your keg empty at the end of the day? Better fill it up tomorrow! Or check out the next line…
  • Night activities have been restructured to always provide one predictable effect, AND their unique choice. For example, Cleaning Up will help refill your kegs to half of their maximum, PLUS give you your regular activity choice to potentially earn another bonus!
  • Better tutorials! Images were added to all tutorial messages, giving much clearer explanations. New tutorials were also added for the Cauldron quest, and cooking meals.
  • Kegs and other interact-able objects now animate when being interacted with to better show when you are actively using them.
  • Character events put in – Instead of being placeholder texts, our characters can now arrive at the Tavern if they have some important information for the players. For example, at the end of Day 2 the Wareswolf will show up to introduce you to the Shop.
  • The Pause screen will now show everyone’s current coins and max capacity, as well as the controls.
  • Added a loading screen. No more boring black screens between nights.
  • The door to the back room opens itself at night. I’m sure thieves are asleep by now, right?


  • No more huge paragraphs of text – text is now broken up into lines to feel much better.
  • All text has gone through a cull to ensure it is sharp and to the point.
  • Shop item descriptions reveal much faster.
  • A even newer Inspector report system has been introduced, replacing the Stars system.
  • Night events that give money now cause the bank UI to tick up in real time rather than waiting for the next day.
  • Opening intro scene lines reduced to 2 to get into the game faster.



  • Day 1 Tavern has been reconstructed for a more engaging experience.
  • Customers that have been served the wrong order now re-order the same choice, rather than randomising to avoid them rejecting a drink then asking for that rejected type.
  • Added Ranged Weapons – Purchase Wands from the WaresWolf to send magic to attack monsters from afar!
  • All new Health Inspector Report grading system – now earn Stars in your inspection, and stick your great score on the wall!
  • New Icons for Cauldron recipes such as the Enchanted Sword.
  • Shopping is now only controlled by one person rather than a group effort. That was too chaotic even for us.
  • Characters now animate while talking their lines during Dialogue, and inactive player characters with lines in a Dialogue now appear first to speak their lines.
  • Added “Recommended Items” to the Shop UI to help early decisions.
  • Items dropped on the floor now have a much smaller hitbox representative of their size, to feel more natural when walking around them.


  • New Floor and Walls! A long-overdue update.
  • New Sword skins.
  • Inspector Report visuals re-done and no longer clearly a placeholder.
  • New images for Potions to stand out and be a bit more distinct from regular drinks.
  • Marxima’s text colour in the night phase has been updated to be easier to read and match her theme better.


  • Swords now have a swing noise, and feel much beefier.
  • Added sounds for customers dropping their coins on the table.
  • Shop purchases now have noises.


  • The front door is no longer highlight-able even though its interacting functionality was removed.
  • Fixed a very rare softlock of the Enchanted Sword quest on day 4 where if you had acquired Upgraded Swords on day 2 you couldn’t make an Enchanted Sword and would have to wait for it to time out as it needed a Basic Sword.
  • Complete economic ruination that could be caused by standing next to coins when they get placed causing them to count multiple times has been avoided.
  • Turns out the Health Inspector was throwing errors constantly since the big Characters Overhaul update as it didn’t get translated across, but the errors were turned off so we never knew. That’s gonna get me a 1-star review.

Behind the scenes stuff probably only we care about, but we do care a lot

  • No longer passing strings around between Item Givers such as Kegs, across to Players to create objects such as Drinks, everything is handled via enums.
  • PlayerController’s interacting with objects system went from 90 lines to 4.
  • A new SpriteManager handles all sprites in the game in one location and via enums rather than the 3 different drag-and-drop places we used to have.
  • What meals customers will order is based on checking what it is unlocked at the start of the day.
  • Everything is in place in the back end to start rolling out new features, stay tuned for after the visuals upgrades are done to see some new mechanics.
  • We have a Dragon.